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What Did You See? Update: The Videos

An update on tonight’s earlier post. I’ve tracked down the five clips that were shown tonight. Check ’em out.


The remaining clips after the break.
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What Did You See?

picture-2ABC looks like they’re launching something new via a new viral marketing campaign. Tonight during LOST, a small image would appear on the screen for a second or two, followed by the words, “What did you see?” A quick Google search produced a sponsored result for The Mosaic Collective. Interestingly enough, a few minutes after LOST ended, another Google search did not produce the site again.

The site asks you what you saw, with an answer box and a place for your email address. At the bottom, a copyright of ABC, Inc. Interesting.

I like viral marketing. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

I saw at least four “commercials” with this, but only caught two of the images: children playing and a surfer riding a large wave. What did you see?

UPDATE: According to this news story (thanks Drew), it’s marketing for a show “Flash Forward.” No details about the show just yet. I’ll keep following it though.

Images Seen:
*Children running out of a schoolhouse

UPDATE: I’ve got the videos now.

On Superpowers

supermanWatching the Rangers get trounced by the Kansas City Royals yesterday was an interesting experience. The game itself was not at all exciting, as the Rangers had very few hits until the 9th Inning. But the announcers, Josh & Tom are always incredibly entertaining to listen to. Topics ranged from their new Twitter feed (for those of you that are Twitterers, here’s their feed) to fan predictions to superhero powers. It’s this last topic that caught my attention. They were talking about which powers they’d want to have. Tom said he definitely didn’t want to have X-Ray vision, because there would be plenty of things that you’d see that you really didn’t want to. It boiled down to teleportation, superhuman strength, and flying if I’m not mistaken, though there was some discussion of traveling through time.

It got me thinking about what superpower I would want to have. The ones that immediate came to mind were:
– Flight
– Teleportation
– Invisibility
– Telekinesis (move objects with your mind)
– Time Travel
– Invulnerability/power to heal
– Super Strength
– Mind Reading
– X-Ray Vision
Mind reading and X-ray vision, while funny options in an adolescent way, would be incredibly burdensome, I think. If you could turn them on and off at will, that might be different, but it seems like a violation to have either of those, but especially the ability to read minds. There are just some things we’re not meant to know. Invisibility has that same adolescent appeal, but wouldn’t seem to have incredibly practical usage, I don’t think. If you disagree, convince me otherwise. Super Strength doesn’t really interest me, because I’d think that would become burdensome also. People would continually expect you to lift heavy stuff for them or help them move. I’d rather not be a glorified pack mule, thank you very much! Time travel seems cool on the surface, but there’s that whole messing with the space-time continuum thing that would really make life frustrating. I’ll pass on that, too, thanks.

For me, it comes down to Teleportation, Flight, or Telekinesis.
Flight is the obvious one. You can’t deny the coolness factor. I can’t imagine a bigger rush than soaring through the skies at high speeds. But, it too has its drawbacks. I think you’d swallow more than your fair share of bugs. Plus, the higher you go, the colder it gets, and I’d look really silly zipping up in a big parka before takeoff in Waco/The Woodlands in the middle of July.

Telekinesis is a really appealing choice to me. There are the obvious upsides of being able to move objects with your mind (no more getting up to get a drink, or getting up to get your wife one), plus it could protect you from danger (think Neo in The Matrix). What’s more, you could even theoretically move your own body, thus having the ability to fly. I’m sure there would be a limit to the power (no moving mountains or anything like that)… And I’m not quite seeing the downsides, except for maybe morbid obesity from not having to get up and exercise.

Teleportation is my current favorite, I think. Perhaps it lies in my current predicament, but I think that the ability to immediately travel anywhere would be super-cool. DC in the morning, an afternoon of skiing in Vail, New York for dinner, then sleep in your own bed for the night. You could live anywhere. No more commuting. You would save incredible amounts of money on cars and gas. Does it get cooler than that? I don’t think so.

What about you? What super power would you want? What have I left out?

Salsa Squad: Assemble!

Orrrrrrrrtega!Tonight, the ragtag bunch of law students known as Le Tigra’s Salsa Squad defied expectations, the laws of physics, and the Rule Against Perpetuities to snag the BLS Intramural Softball Championship. This motley bunch of geniuses, geriatrics, and a few actually talented athletes put together a run of impressive softball, especially considering that we’d only won one game before tonight. But, as fate would have it, this was one of those nights where everything aligned and paved the way for our victory.

What’s more, we had to defeat known BLS juggernaut Ex Parte In My Pants (fellow blogger Mr. Scott is a member) to win the crown. Even more impressive, we were down 4-0 after the First Inning, outscoring the post-PC squad 13-2 in the remaining four innings. Well done, team! Some of the highlights in my book:

*Ms. Searcy’s first-ever double (reaching second after a ball bounced off The Blizzard King’s head) and subsequent run scored… Congrats, Big C! You accomplished what you set out to do at the beginning of the season!

*B$’s inside the park homer—Watching B-Dubs fly around the bases is a sight to behold. OH, and his game-saving, Sportscenter worthy diving grab to end one of the earlier games. Spectacular.

*Kel nearly going toe-to-toe with the Ex Parte second baseman… Then stepping up to the plate and hitting a double on her next at-bat.

*My “diving” catch. By diving, I mean that I caught the ball, fell backwards like the old man that I am. But a catch is a catch, and an out is an out. Word. Orman’s response to me: “A 26-year-old would have turned a double play there.” 4-for-6 on the night wasn’t too bad, if you ask me.

Oh, and Anne… If you stand too close to the plate, watch out! I will take you down!

Salsa Squad!

Unexpected Brilliance

I love it when something wonderful takes me completely by surprise. This video is just one of those somethings. It reminds me of Paul Potts, the cell phone salesman who blew everybody away on Britain’s Got Talent by singing Nessun Dorma. This is Susan Boyle, singing a song from my favorite musical of all time. Enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

How does he REALLY feel?

easterbunnyEver wonder how the Easter Bunny really feels about us? he’s tasked with hiding either hardboiled or plastic eggs for children to find, which inevitably leads to one “snot-nosed brat” (thanks, Prof. T&E for that fantastic phrase) allegedly stealing eggs from another, which in turn leads to some sort of altercation, possible fisticuffs between four year olds, and the inevitable tears and temper tantrum, with mommy or daddy intervening to resolve the dispute. The Easter Bunny’s job certainly doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of other holiday mythical beings like, say, Santa Claus. On the other hand, it’s not quite as bad as the job of the Tooth Fairy, who is tasked with purchasing teeth from sleeping children. Now THAT’S thankless.

But I digress. How does the Easter Bunny feel about us? What does he do the other 364 days of the year? This video has captured the real truth. I invite you to watch for yourself and discover the secret.


Every once in awhile there comes a post that makes me laugh out loud, and continues to do so for some time. This one comes from the lovely and talented Mrs. OHB.

Check it out and enjoy.

The Crowd

This week’s Sunday Reflection by The Razor sparked my own period of reflection. In his post, he talks about the crowd that greeted Jesus as he entered Jerusalem. We call it the Triumphal Entry. There are all sorts of interesting parallels to other similar events in Jewish history, not to mention the fulfillment of prophecy, but what the Razor commented on was the fact that the crowd probably wasn’t just his followers, but people that got caught up in the spirit of the moment.

What struck me from that is that just a few days later, the cries of “Hosannah!” turned to chants of “Crucify him!” I can’t help but think that bystanders and disciples alike were in both crowds, both calling His name in praise and then shouting for his execution. The Razor wonders what it would have been like to be in the first crowd… I wonder if I had been in that crowd, would I have been in the one a few days later? Would I have called out for his execution?

The challenging thought that comes next is that it doesn’t matter. Those who called out for his death, He died for their sins, too.

Fulfilling a Promise

I promised Ms. Simpson that I’d post this video here. She finds it hilarious. I don’t find it quite as funny as she does, but it does give me the wanderlust something fierce. So, whatever it sparks within you, I hope you enjoy it.

Side note: Check out the weird S&M guy in London at the 1:30 mark. What’s that all about, and what is he doing?

Panda Mayhem!

As you may or may not know, fellow blogger (yes, I use the term loosely because both of us have let our blogs slide into disrepair as of late) WK hates pandas. While I don’t toss that term around lightly, in this case it is absolutely appropriate. He loathes them with a fiery, burning passion. This is no simple hatred for the sake of nonconformity, he has solid, rational reasons behind his hatred.

So, where does that leave him vis-á-vis today’s discovery that Google has been taken over by a panda-loving artificial intelligence known as CADIE? I think there can be only one answer.

All. Out. War.

One can only hope. There has been a severe dearth of all-out-war in our lives recently.

The other question is, how will the BLS Professor, blogger, and noted panda aficionado The Razor react to today’s news?

Updates as events warrant.

UPDATE: Apparently WK won.