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supermanWatching the Rangers get trounced by the Kansas City Royals yesterday was an interesting experience. The game itself was not at all exciting, as the Rangers had very few hits until the 9th Inning. But the announcers, Josh & Tom are always incredibly entertaining to listen to. Topics ranged from their new Twitter feed (for those of you that are Twitterers, here’s their feed) to fan predictions to superhero powers. It’s this last topic that caught my attention. They were talking about which powers they’d want to have. Tom said he definitely didn’t want to have X-Ray vision, because there would be plenty of things that you’d see that you really didn’t want to. It boiled down to teleportation, superhuman strength, and flying if I’m not mistaken, though there was some discussion of traveling through time.

It got me thinking about what superpower I would want to have. The ones that immediate came to mind were:
– Flight
– Teleportation
– Invisibility
– Telekinesis (move objects with your mind)
– Time Travel
– Invulnerability/power to heal
– Super Strength
– Mind Reading
– X-Ray Vision
Mind reading and X-ray vision, while funny options in an adolescent way, would be incredibly burdensome, I think. If you could turn them on and off at will, that might be different, but it seems like a violation to have either of those, but especially the ability to read minds. There are just some things we’re not meant to know. Invisibility has that same adolescent appeal, but wouldn’t seem to have incredibly practical usage, I don’t think. If you disagree, convince me otherwise. Super Strength doesn’t really interest me, because I’d think that would become burdensome also. People would continually expect you to lift heavy stuff for them or help them move. I’d rather not be a glorified pack mule, thank you very much! Time travel seems cool on the surface, but there’s that whole messing with the space-time continuum thing that would really make life frustrating. I’ll pass on that, too, thanks.

For me, it comes down to Teleportation, Flight, or Telekinesis.
Flight is the obvious one. You can’t deny the coolness factor. I can’t imagine a bigger rush than soaring through the skies at high speeds. But, it too has its drawbacks. I think you’d swallow more than your fair share of bugs. Plus, the higher you go, the colder it gets, and I’d look really silly zipping up in a big parka before takeoff in Waco/The Woodlands in the middle of July.

Telekinesis is a really appealing choice to me. There are the obvious upsides of being able to move objects with your mind (no more getting up to get a drink, or getting up to get your wife one), plus it could protect you from danger (think Neo in The Matrix). What’s more, you could even theoretically move your own body, thus having the ability to fly. I’m sure there would be a limit to the power (no moving mountains or anything like that)… And I’m not quite seeing the downsides, except for maybe morbid obesity from not having to get up and exercise.

Teleportation is my current favorite, I think. Perhaps it lies in my current predicament, but I think that the ability to immediately travel anywhere would be super-cool. DC in the morning, an afternoon of skiing in Vail, New York for dinner, then sleep in your own bed for the night. You could live anywhere. No more commuting. You would save incredible amounts of money on cars and gas. Does it get cooler than that? I don’t think so.

What about you? What super power would you want? What have I left out?


2 Responses to “On Superpowers”

  1. 1 Chris f April 22, 2009 at 10:16 pm

    If you like teleportation, go watch jumper. Terrible movie but all I could think of after was having that ability.

    Me? Invulnerability/healing. Would be neat to live forever and see what happens to the world. Down side would be having to see everyone you know/love die eventually while you go on.

    Ah well, at least their memories would be preserved for all eternity.

  2. 2 lurkerbelow April 30, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    if I had one superpower it would be..to make food out of thin air. Total homer simpson style. Just think of all the benfits you and the world get from it. Not only do you stop having to pay to feed yourself, you could also sell it (supermarkets hello?) and ALSO you could help with world starving if option 2 wasen’t your cup of tea. Badabing. Everyone wins.



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