Salsa Squad: Assemble!

Orrrrrrrrtega!Tonight, the ragtag bunch of law students known as Le Tigra’s Salsa Squad defied expectations, the laws of physics, and the Rule Against Perpetuities to snag the BLS Intramural Softball Championship. This motley bunch of geniuses, geriatrics, and a few actually talented athletes put together a run of impressive softball, especially considering that we’d only won one game before tonight. But, as fate would have it, this was one of those nights where everything aligned and paved the way for our victory.

What’s more, we had to defeat known BLS juggernaut Ex Parte In My Pants (fellow blogger Mr. Scott is a member) to win the crown. Even more impressive, we were down 4-0 after the First Inning, outscoring the post-PC squad 13-2 in the remaining four innings. Well done, team! Some of the highlights in my book:

*Ms. Searcy’s first-ever double (reaching second after a ball bounced off The Blizzard King’s head) and subsequent run scored… Congrats, Big C! You accomplished what you set out to do at the beginning of the season!

*B$’s inside the park homer—Watching B-Dubs fly around the bases is a sight to behold. OH, and his game-saving, Sportscenter worthy diving grab to end one of the earlier games. Spectacular.

*Kel nearly going toe-to-toe with the Ex Parte second baseman… Then stepping up to the plate and hitting a double on her next at-bat.

*My “diving” catch. By diving, I mean that I caught the ball, fell backwards like the old man that I am. But a catch is a catch, and an out is an out. Word. Orman’s response to me: “A 26-year-old would have turned a double play there.” 4-for-6 on the night wasn’t too bad, if you ask me.

Oh, and Anne… If you stand too close to the plate, watch out! I will take you down!

Salsa Squad!



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