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I was checking the a … specs on the end line … for the … rotary … girder … I’m retarded.

SocksOne of the things that I’ve harped on personally when reading and briefing cases is attention to detail. It bugs me when people get the parties of a case switched or mixed up, because it simply shows a lack of attention to detail. The facts of the cases themselves aren’t important to our long-term knowledge of the law, but the facts are relevant for our class sessions, and I think it’s important to have strong attention to detail regardless.

But, today, I found myself looking at a case in which a law student alerted a publisher of plagiarism. The book that the student claimed to have plagiarized another was “How to Buy Stocks.” But when I read through the case, I read the title as “How to Buy SOCKS,” not stocks. I suppose we all have our moments of weakness. I suppose I should be a bit more careful in the future. Thank goodness Professor K didn’t call on me.