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The past couple of days have been extremely cold on the slopes! Yesterday it was sunny, but the temperature didn’t get above 10 degrees. It snowed today, and the highest temperature I saw all day was 11 degrees. Interestingly enough, it was colder yesterday than today, or at least it seemed that way. My fingers and toes were frigid most of the day yesterday; today I only got really cold right before lunch.

It was snowing lightly all morning this morning. The wind wasn’t really a factor, so it made it really beautiful to see. It was picturesque, riding up the lifts among the snow-covered trees while snow fell lightly all around us. Of course, that didn’t last all day. My brother decided to head into Two Elk restaurant at the top of the mountain to warm up and grab us a table for lunch, and the rest of us hit another run. We decided to make one more run to the lift before heading in for lunch, and just after we started off, the blizzard hit. Suddenly a gust of wind hit us, bringing with it blowing snowfall. Visibility dropped to near zero. We made our way down the run and onto the lift to get inside and warm up. At the base of the lift, the lift operator remarked to my wife and me that we needed to get inside, because our noses were turning white with the beginnings of frostbite! Thankfully the lift is short, and we were able to get inside and warm up quickly. No major damage.

Anyway, here’s a shot out one of the windows of Two Elk.

Two Elk Lodge

You can see that it was near white-out conditions. The lift is probably about 100 to 150 yards away from the restaurant, but you couldn’t see it because of the blowing snow.

I took the photo from my brand-new iPhone, a gift from my former employers as a thank-you for the work that I did with them over the past year. I’ve had it with me every day on the slopes, and it’s been a really nice thing to have. I’ve used it to snap photos here and there whenever the desire strikes me or I see something interesting. It’s not the world’s greatest camera, but for a phone, it’s pretty dang good. I have also been using it as my iPod while I ski, which has also been really nice. I was always singing under my breath or humming a tune, so having music on the slopes is nice. I’ve even been able to email friends a photo here and there when we stop in for a bite to eat. Pretty cool!

I have to say that this has been one of my best ski trips… I can’t remember a time when I’ve skied as well as I have this year. In the past, I will have a day or two that I’m off my game, not skiing up to my potential. This year I haven’t had that at all; I’ve felt great each day. Tomorrow’s the last day of skiing, and I’m hoping that I’m able to finish off the trip with one more great day of skiing.

I think the forecast calls for sun tomorrow, which would be great. I’d like to take our camera up onto the slopes and get some shots of some of the mountains. Hopefully I’ll get one or two really good ones, and I can make some prints of them for the apartment.

What a great trip this has been.


Blogger Visits the Future!

Kevin Sullivan over at Real Clear Politics evidently has visited the future, and apparently even in 2009, Bill Clinton will be having angry outbursts!  Check out this blog post, dated January 22, 2009:

In case it disappears or they correct it, here’s a screenshot: 

The Future!