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Immunity Day: Will They Kill It?

immunityThere’s been a buzz about the BLS blogosphere today regarding the fate of Immunity Day. For those that are in the dark, Immunity Day is like a “get out of jail free” card, except that there’s no jail and instead of being free, students get to contribute to a local charity. Participation is all voluntary, both from the students’ and professors’ perspectives. Students can get immunity in classes only if their professors participate, and only if they pay the amount set by their professor. But apparently there’s something amiss, and the BLS faculty is set to vote on whether to continue participating. I’m not entirely sure why, but apparently the fundraiser has fallen out of favor.

There are a couple of other blogs that have excellent writeups on the subject which fairly encompass my own. I’ll link them, but I do want to say that it seems like the people hurt most by a decision to eliminate the event are those the event is meant to help—the charities.

Here are the blogs:
The Davis Firm’s Take
Jessica’s Thoughts
Will King’s Excellent Writeup (and totally not bitter)

Running It Up

BU-NWSULast night I saw something that I had seen before only in Adam Sandler’s The Waterboy. With the Bears up 68-13 with a little less than 8:00 remaining and the ball on the Demon’s 6-yardline, the Bears took a knee four times in a row to give the ball back to Northwestern State. Many in the crowd began to boo, and many of those that didn’t headed for the exits. It was clear that this game was over. After the game, Coach Briles talked about his reasoning for kneeling, saying, “I’ve been on the other sideline and I know how it feels.” He saw no point in running up the score further and causing the other team any more humiliation.

This got me thinking, though. Which is more humiliating to a team being blown out: to have the score run up against you or for the other team to kneel on each of its offensive snaps midway through the 4th Quarter? The former says, “We are totally destroying you. We will continue to destroy you.” The latter says, “We don’t even have to play you. We’ve already destroyed you.” Ultimately, I think that it’s probably the run-up that is more humiliating, but I think that kneeling may be a bit more insulting. Whatever the effect, though, I know that wasn’t Coach Briles’ motivation. That man is a class act. Thoughts?

Incidentally, that was the highest number of points scored for the Bears since 1929.

Friday Funny: Handball!

This one comes to you from the latest site from the folks that bring you Failblog, Up Next In Sports. It’s still fairly new, but pretty good nonetheless. Click the picture for the original post.


Friday Funny: Matt Damon

Yeah, this is a little old, but it’s still pretty hilarious. Who knew Matt Damon did impersonations?

Also recommended: The latest Matt Damon visit to Letterman.

Blogger’s Block

I’ve been suffering from a bit of blogger’s block as of recent. For some reason, I haven’t felt like I’ve had anything to say. That’s due to simply having nothing I want to talk about, not being able to formulate a complete thought about what I want to talk about, or just generally being dissatisfied with the way that my thoughts translate into words as I type them out. The latter reason happens often; I find myself typing out about 2/3 of a post, looking back over it, being dissatisfied, then deleting it. It’s a little frustrating, but it might just be me being a perfectionist.

I also seem to have length issues. By the time I complete a thought, I’ve written way more than anyone wants to read, including myself. There have been a few thoughts that merit that kind of a post, but often I should be able to trim it down. That’s the problem with this medium… If it’s not short and sweet, it gets lost. That pushes me towards the “say little, post videos” route. Don’t get me wrong, I love posting videos (and will probably post one later on), but that shouldn’t be the default post.

And now for my third problem… I sometimes have no idea how to end posts. I always hated the conclusion when writing formal papers, and I guess that translates over into blogging. The conclusion is supposed to be that neat little bow on your writing package, but it always seems contrived to me. And, I’ve never been very good at tying bows on packages. They always look funny.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Road Trip Randomness

I’ve seen some interesting things while traversing the distance between Waco and The Woodlands. Generally it just involves nice scenery (I like the trip, which is a good thing considering the frequency with which I make it), but occasionally I’ll see something particularly unusual. This past weekend was one of those occasions.

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The Interwebs are Stalking Me!

scary_computerLast night I logged into Netflix over Xbox Live to see what they had to offer. I ended up settling on the first episode of the TV show Dexter because I wasn’t really wanting to watch something long, and I’ve been curious about the show for some time now. It was pretty good, intriguing, no big deal.

Then, this morning, I log into Facebook while doing my web routine and one of the ads is something about the show Dexter. Now, I’m 100% certain that I’ve never seen that ad before or any Dexter-related ad. I have neither my Xbox Live account nor Netflix tied to Facebook in any way that I am aware of. So how does Facebook know that I watched Dexter last night? Is it a crazy random happenstance? Or is it something more… sinister?