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How Did I Miss This Blog?

Apparently my excellent friend Keith has a blog, and it is quite fantastic. You must go check it out, it’s called Know Thyself. Apparently he’s been writing since earlier this year, but I discovered it today because his wife Brooke linked to one of his posts. Thanks, Keith, for letting me know you have a blog! Harumph.

But seriously, check it out. His latest post had me laughing so hard I was holding my sides. Go now, read, and enjoy.

Friday Funny: Family Guy is Serious Business

After a very long hiatus, I’m going to make an attempt to return to semi-regular blogging. The first motivator was when I read that my good friend Brooke had decided to update her blog every day for a month. I was intimidated by the thought of daily blogging for a whole 30 days, simply because I don’t think I have that much to say, but I think it would get easier as you got into the habit and made it routine. Well done, Brooke. I don’t know that I’ll go to that length, but hey, you never know.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back came from the Razor, as usual. A couple of days ago, the Razor had a post up asking about what should be featured on the blog, and one of the options was “Links to Dead Blogs.” He didn’t actually link to any blogs in his post, so I made a comment that I was relieved that he hadn’t linked to mine as a dead blog. He must have taken that as a challenge, because shortly afterward my blog appeared as the dead blog linked in the post. I took it as a challenge.

So, I return with a Friday Funny. Instead of starting back up with an introspective reflection on my last six months of law school or the events of the month since, I’m rocking the mindless humorous video. Way to hit the ground running, Pope.

What makes this one funny to me is what happens at about 0:46. There’s a caption that shows up, but I found it better without, so turn captions off if they’re on automatically.