How does he REALLY feel?

easterbunnyEver wonder how the Easter Bunny really feels about us? he’s tasked with hiding either hardboiled or plastic eggs for children to find, which inevitably leads to one “snot-nosed brat” (thanks, Prof. T&E for that fantastic phrase) allegedly stealing eggs from another, which in turn leads to some sort of altercation, possible fisticuffs between four year olds, and the inevitable tears and temper tantrum, with mommy or daddy intervening to resolve the dispute. The Easter Bunny’s job certainly doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of other holiday mythical beings like, say, Santa Claus. On the other hand, it’s not quite as bad as the job of the Tooth Fairy, who is tasked with purchasing teeth from sleeping children. Now THAT’S thankless.

But I digress. How does the Easter Bunny feel about us? What does he do the other 364 days of the year? This video has captured the real truth. I invite you to watch for yourself and discover the secret.


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