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This Loss Brought to You By The Letters T.O. and The Number 41.

Fantastic, ‘Boys.

The last game against the ‘Skins in Texas Stadium, and you have to go and lay an egg like that. Well done. Really. Newman stumbles on several key plays and gets burned with consistency. T.O. drops what seemed like 74 passes. Sure, there were some non-calls by the refs, but refs don’t decide the outcome of games, the players do. The Cowboys played terribly. And yet, they still nearly pulled it out.

The thing that bugs me the most about this? T.O. complained about not getting the ball enough. Oh, the ball was thrown to him plenty. He just didn’t catch it frequently enough.

On the other hand, #41 admits that he played horribly. And oh, he did. But he admits it. Just don’t do it again, Newman!