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A Little Competition is a Good Thing

I’ve recently been poking fun at both Verizon and Microsoft for their ad campaigns that steal a line from Apple’s ads and attempt to make it their own (to varying results). I don’t think I’ve referred to the latest in this line, the “iDon’t” ads, which push Droid, Verizon’s latest answer to the iPhone. There are some parodies out there already, so I didn’t feel the need to address them directly. What’s funny is that we come to find out today that to have Exchange support on the Droid, you’ll have to pay an extra $15 on top of your existing data plan. Of course, my response was “iDon’t pay extra for Exchange support.” Hiyo!

But I digress. Today Gizmodo posted its review of Droid, and says “it’s the second best phone around, on the best network around.” Additionally, Windows 7 launched within the past couple of weeks, also to generally positive reviews. While there are aspects of the ad campaigns that I continue to find humorous, I am generally happy that both products are receiving positive reviews. Shocking, I know… From my writing, you’d think that I’m a complete Apple fanboy. While I don’t think I meet the complete definition of fanboy per se (complete diehard regardless of a system’s faults), I am an Apple lover and talk it up as much as I can. But their products aren’t without their faults, and I love seeing external pressure to improve.

That’s why I’m pleased to see Windows 7 and the Droid getting positive reviews. Competition is a good thing. We think of competition in the context of sports or battle and we think of one side winning and the other losing; but I don’t want either side to win or to lose. Competition spurs innovation, keeps a developer on its toes, forcing it to continue thinking outside the box and reinventing itself. As a result, we have better products, more choices, and, hopefully, more fun ads and ads to make fun of.