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Wow… Just Wow.

As I write this, the Dallas Cowboys are down 28-7 to the Green Bay Packers with 11:30 left in the 3rd Quarter (and since I’ve been writing, the Packers have extended the lead to 35-7). They seem to be unable to accomplish anything on either side of the ball. The coaches continue to display their usual brilliance. In the first half, the coaches challenged a touchdown call that, if reversed, would place the ball on about the 1/2 yard line. Of course, the call stood after the review and cost the Cowboys a timeout. Then, later in the Second Quarter, the Packers returned a fumbled kickoff for a touchdown. The kickoff return guy’s knee was obviously down, but the Cowboys had no challenges remaining because of the earlier challenge. I couldn’t help but chuckle at it all.

The past several games have been disgraceful. The coaches make horrific play calls and decisions and the players seem to have no fire or passion. They have no heart. I think I read a few weeks ago that Phillips said they had attitude issues. Many columnists swear up and down that this isn’t a team that is leaderless… But, to quote Wood Harris’ character from Remember the Titans, “Attitude reflect leadership.”

And to think, some people said this team would win the Super Bowl.

Dallas Cowboys’ Season… Over.

It was over long before, but any questions about the Dallas Cowboys’ season were answered when Tony Romo left the game with a broken clavicle after a hit by Giants Linebacker Michael Boley. John Kitna has done nothing, and shouldn’t really be expected to do much, given that he’s hadn’t taken a snap in about year and a half before tonight.

And this was so close to being the perfect sports weekend. Oh well.

Too bad Cliff Lee doesn’t play two sports.

Ah, the WordSmith.

Emmitt Smith is no longer an analyst with ESPN. I’m a huge Emmitt fan, and think he’s largely a class act, but MAN, he was terrible as an analyst. When he wasn’t making up words, he just wasn’t making sense. Someone put together this “tribute” to Emmitt’s time at ESPN. Enjoy.

This Loss Brought to You By The Letters T.O. and The Number 41.

Fantastic, ‘Boys.

The last game against the ‘Skins in Texas Stadium, and you have to go and lay an egg like that. Well done. Really. Newman stumbles on several key plays and gets burned with consistency. T.O. drops what seemed like 74 passes. Sure, there were some non-calls by the refs, but refs don’t decide the outcome of games, the players do. The Cowboys played terribly. And yet, they still nearly pulled it out.

The thing that bugs me the most about this? T.O. complained about not getting the ball enough. Oh, the ball was thrown to him plenty. He just didn’t catch it frequently enough.

On the other hand, #41 admits that he played horribly. And oh, he did. But he admits it. Just don’t do it again, Newman!