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Now We Know Their Secret

I’ve always wondered how the Detroit Red Wings have remained so good for so long. Of course, we all know they are part of the secret cabal of Sport consisting of the Yankees, the Lakers, and Manchester United which conspires to keep the rest of the sporting world underneath their collective thumbs. But now we have another reason for why the Santa Suits are so dominant… Ninjas.

Sic ‘Em Bears!

Congratulations to the Baylor Men’s Basketball team for winning their first ever berth to the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA Tournament! This has been an interesting March Madness to watch, with upsets galore, but I am still in a bit of shock that my Bears are the #3 seed in their conference, still alive, and that they basically will have home court in Houston next Friday. Here’s hoping that it’s an evening game that I can zip back to Houston to attend!

Go Bears! Beat St. Mary’s!

Liverpool Lamentations

This past Saturday, a fluke goal may have cost the Reds their hopes of a nineteenth English Premier League title. I realize that it’s still early and stranger things have happened, but the Reds’ fourth loss of the young campaign leaves them eighth in the Premier League table. Last year they lost two matches over the entire Premier League season and still only finished in second on account of the many draws that they suffered. This week they lost to Sunderland, 1-0, on a fluke goal that probably should have been disallowed. Sunderland’s Darren Bent took a strike at the Liverpool goal, not even five minutes into the contest on Saturday. The ball struck a beach ball that was sitting on the pitch in front of the goal, deflecting it past Liverpool defender Glen Johnson and keeper Pepe Reina and into the back of the net. In many respects, it typifies how the early part of the season has gone for Liverpool. Strange goal, lackluster performance following the goal, and a disappointing finish. Granted, the Reds were without their top two players in Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres, but they had plenty of chances on goal.

Then we learned that the Premier League will not seek a replay of the match, something that has happened before when a refereee made a game-altering error. But for their part, the Reds chose not to press the matter. I think that’s a decent thing to do. Take your lumps, move forward, work on getting better.

As frustrating as the game was to watch and as disappointing as the result was, there was one humorous consequence to this loss. All of the major sports news outlets took time to cover this, many of whom did so in ironic style. Check out some of the headlines below.

Liverpool Deflated by Bizarre ‘Beachball’ Goal
Stray Beach Ball Punctures Liverpool’s Title Challenge
Life’s A Beach for Jubilant Bruce & Sunderland
No Excuses from Deflated Benitez
Reds Beached?
Darren Bent’s “beach ball goal” leaves Rafa Benitez all at Sea

Running It Up

BU-NWSULast night I saw something that I had seen before only in Adam Sandler’s The Waterboy. With the Bears up 68-13 with a little less than 8:00 remaining and the ball on the Demon’s 6-yardline, the Bears took a knee four times in a row to give the ball back to Northwestern State. Many in the crowd began to boo, and many of those that didn’t headed for the exits. It was clear that this game was over. After the game, Coach Briles talked about his reasoning for kneeling, saying, “I’ve been on the other sideline and I know how it feels.” He saw no point in running up the score further and causing the other team any more humiliation.

This got me thinking, though. Which is more humiliating to a team being blown out: to have the score run up against you or for the other team to kneel on each of its offensive snaps midway through the 4th Quarter? The former says, “We are totally destroying you. We will continue to destroy you.” The latter says, “We don’t even have to play you. We’ve already destroyed you.” Ultimately, I think that it’s probably the run-up that is more humiliating, but I think that kneeling may be a bit more insulting. Whatever the effect, though, I know that wasn’t Coach Briles’ motivation. That man is a class act. Thoughts?

Incidentally, that was the highest number of points scored for the Bears since 1929.

Jackson’s Legacy

There’s no denying Michael Jackson’s impact. Love him or hate him, he had an impact on you. Regardless of the affairs of his private life, he was revolutionary and controversial from the get go. Whether it was music videos, dancing, or his patented one glove spin and grab move, he got your attention. Thriller is to this day probably the greatest music video of all time. Movies have paid homage to it and rock bands have covered elements of it. Beat It made it into a recent version of Guitar Hero.

But there’s more.
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Stanley Cup: Game SEVEN, baby!

A year ago I profiled the Stanley Cup Finals, and expressed my hope that the series would be exciting. The series was decent, but it didn’t ever seem like the outcome was in doubt. This year we have a Game 7. Exciting! Though I haven’t had the chance to watch much of the games, here’s hoping that the game is exciting and close. It could be just what the NHL needs (especially after the monumental mistake of scheduling a game the same night as one of the NBA Finals games). I’m pulling for the Pens, but given the fact that the Red Wings have only lost one game at home in the playoffs this year, I am not incredibly hopeful. Tune into NBC tomorrow to see the exciting conclusion!

As a bonus, here’s a fun little clip from the Failblog.

Top 5: Most Hated Sports Teams

It’s time for another installment of Top 5; it’s been a long time. This time I bring you my Five Most Hated Teams. These are the teams I love to hate. These are the teams that when a favorite player of mine goes to play for them, I have a hard time ever rooting for them ever again (with one notable exception, see below). When these teams lose, I take delight in the losses, regardless of who deals the loss to them. I invite you to peruse my list, formulate your own, and share it!

1. Detroit Red Wings Red Army. The Dead Things. The Santa Suits. Call them whatever you want. I hate them. Maybe it’s the fact that before the NHL instituted a salary cap, they had virtually unlimited funds with which to sign players. Maybe it’s the fact that they always are in contention to win the Stanley Cup. Whatever the reason, though, they’ve been the team that I’ve hated for the longest and the most. While they might not be my Stars’ arch-nemesis anymore, I still hate them with a fiery, burning passion. For some reason I think they have the most intimidating uniforms in all of sport. The full-red look just unnerves me. Plus, anytime they travel their fans come out of the woodwork in support. They have the largest contingent of away fans of any hockey team, I’d wager. It’s frustrating. Have I mentioned that they ALWAYS win? It’s obnoxious.

2. Manchester United

I hate Man U. Eighteen months ago, this team probably wouldn’t have even cracked my Top 5, though it might have. But, as you know, I’ve gotten into soccer in a big way as a Liverpool supporter, and I’ve quickly become acquainted with the Evil Empire and the evil that they stand for. Up until recently, I had trouble deciding whether they were #2 or #3, but recent developments lead me to conclude that they are indeed #2. If they keep it up, they may just challenge the Wings for the title of Most Hated. Why do I hate them? They are what the Yankees were in the late ’90s. Free spenders who always win. Always. What’s more, they’re pretty-boy prima donnas that will fall to the ground clutching appendages if you breathe on them or look at them the wrong way. Their star, Ronaldo, could miss a wide-open shot on a break, then turn around and blame a teammate for the miss. It’s never his own fault. Their only redeeming quality – their coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, is a snappy dresser. But even he’s impossible to like.

3. New York Yankees

yankees_logoThe “original” evil empire. Vast resources to spend, and spend them they have. They’ve dropped in my rankings due to the fact that they haven’t won it all in awhile, but they remain my most reviled team in baseball. Large amounts of fans at away games. The fact that the Rangers can’t seem to win a series against them. They spend ridiculous amounts of money. Did I mention their fans are annoying? The reasons to hate the Yankees are well-documented and prolific. You all know them.

Those three round out the Axis of Sports Evil. No question. The last two are much harder for me to pin down. Hence the reason there’s a tie for #4.

4. Philadelphia Eagles/Washington Redskins

philadelphia-eagles-logo These two teams seem to function as a combined arch-nemesis of the Dallas Cowboys, who are my team and have been since the womb. Though there was a brief stint in the early/mid ’90s where the 49’ers were the arch nemesis of the Boys in Blue, the long term rivalries of the Redskins and the Eagles outpace the 49’ers. Plus, the Niners have a Baylor grad at the helm now; plus they just can’t seem to win. Rarely are both the Eagles and the Skins a formidable opponent, hence the reason they share the Number Four spot on the list.

5. Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers LogoAnd… The Lakers. The hatred of this team really stems mostly from a hatred of Kobe Bryant, but whatever. They’re #5. They’re sort of the Wings/ManU/Yankees of basketball, I guess. Given that I don’t care for NBA basketball all that much, my hatred of this team is tempered to a slow simmer. But it’s there.

So there you have it… My Top Five Most Hated Sports Teams. What’s yours?


Salsa Squad: Assemble!

Orrrrrrrrtega!Tonight, the ragtag bunch of law students known as Le Tigra’s Salsa Squad defied expectations, the laws of physics, and the Rule Against Perpetuities to snag the BLS Intramural Softball Championship. This motley bunch of geniuses, geriatrics, and a few actually talented athletes put together a run of impressive softball, especially considering that we’d only won one game before tonight. But, as fate would have it, this was one of those nights where everything aligned and paved the way for our victory.

What’s more, we had to defeat known BLS juggernaut Ex Parte In My Pants (fellow blogger Mr. Scott is a member) to win the crown. Even more impressive, we were down 4-0 after the First Inning, outscoring the post-PC squad 13-2 in the remaining four innings. Well done, team! Some of the highlights in my book:

*Ms. Searcy’s first-ever double (reaching second after a ball bounced off The Blizzard King’s head) and subsequent run scored… Congrats, Big C! You accomplished what you set out to do at the beginning of the season!

*B$’s inside the park homer—Watching B-Dubs fly around the bases is a sight to behold. OH, and his game-saving, Sportscenter worthy diving grab to end one of the earlier games. Spectacular.

*Kel nearly going toe-to-toe with the Ex Parte second baseman… Then stepping up to the plate and hitting a double on her next at-bat.

*My “diving” catch. By diving, I mean that I caught the ball, fell backwards like the old man that I am. But a catch is a catch, and an out is an out. Word. Orman’s response to me: “A 26-year-old would have turned a double play there.” 4-for-6 on the night wasn’t too bad, if you ask me.

Oh, and Anne… If you stand too close to the plate, watch out! I will take you down!

Salsa Squad!

Ah, the WordSmith.

Emmitt Smith is no longer an analyst with ESPN. I’m a huge Emmitt fan, and think he’s largely a class act, but MAN, he was terrible as an analyst. When he wasn’t making up words, he just wasn’t making sense. Someone put together this “tribute” to Emmitt’s time at ESPN. Enjoy.

Epic Goal Fail

Brought to us by our good friends over at Failblog.