Friday Funny: Tyrion Lannister

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about HBO’s epic new series, Game of Thrones. If you have been living under a rock, and therefore haven’t heard of Game of Thrones, you really should move. Living under a rock really can’t be comfortable.

Though I haven’t actually seen the show (I don’t have HBO), I’m familiar with the story. I’m currently reading George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, upon which the HBO series is based. I’m 3/4 through the second book in the series. It’s a fantastic read, although quite… brutal. It’s definitely not one of those The Good Guys Prevail and Everyone’s Happy sort of series, but it’s compelling nonetheless.

This video is a humorous remix of the scene where Tyrion slaps the insufferable Prince Joffrey, all set to Guile’s theme. Guile’s theme goes with everything. It tickled my funny bone, even though it’s a little too long. Enjoy.



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