Consistency Fail

I said that I was going to post each day during the month of November. I have failed in that task. It appears that weekends are my undoing. Last week I was good and wrote a post for Saturday earlier in the week, which I scheduled to be published on Saturday. Then I went and didn’t post on Sunday because we were in Waco and drove back. This past weekend I didn’t post Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Not good.

It’s not a lack of ideas for posts that’s keeping me from posting, and it isn’t a lack of time, either. Heck, the weekend is when I have the most time on my hands to post. I think part of it is that I don’t spend a tremendous amount of time in front of my computer on the weekends, so I just don’t think about it.

I do need to figure out a way to capture post ideas while I’m away from my computer, though. That seems to be where the majority of my ideas hit me. Last week’s Porsche post came when I was on my way home from work; I made a voice memo to myself with a one sentence thought to jog my memory. I didn’t end up even referencing the voice memo, though, as I remembered what I wanted to post about. I do think capturing the ideas by either writing them down or making a voice memo makes a huge difference in remembering the idea, even if I don’t go back and reference what I captured. Just the capturing act itself is enough to remind me to write about it later on.

Oh well. I’m going to keep trying, because I really am enjoying writing more frequently. I’ll try and capture my thoughts more frequently so that I can share them with all four of you. I’m sure you’re all dying to know what’s rolling around in my brain.



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