A Couple of Fun Apps, Part II

As promised, I’ve returned to the post I started yesterday about a couple of fun social media apps for the iPhone that I’ve been using.

Today’s entry is called Instagram, a photography-based social media app. It seems like it is somewhat similar to Twitter, but with photography serving as the foundation. When you open up the app, you’re greeted by your feed, which is your shared photographs plus the photos of anyone you’re following. You can also browse popular photographs by anyone on the service, which helps you find interesting photographers to follow. The app also serves as a camera app, allowing you to take photos and apply simple filters to those pictures to further stylize your pics. The filters remind me of the other iPhone photo app Hipstamatic, but simpler. Once you have your photograph, you simply select the filter of your choice from the bottom of the screen. Sliding your finger along the list of choices exposes more options and allows you to preview the photo through the selected filter. While there are only thirteen filters at this point, they work really well and really add something special to an otherwise mundane photograph.

Once you’ve finished editing your photograph, you’re taken to an options screen. You’re given the option to give the picture a title, and you can geotag it so that folks can see where the picture was taken; neither option is required, though. You also can connect to other social networking sites, including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, and Foursquare. You do have to manually set the photo to share with your various social networking portals each time, though. While some may view this as a negative, this is my preferred method. I would rather tell the app that I want the photo to go to Facebook rather than it automatically updating my Facebook page every time I upload a photograph with Instagram.

One more fun thing about it is that the app can take any photo on your phone, apply the filters to it, and share on the service. It’s been pretty neat to go back to some of my older photos and see how they look with the different filters applied. All in all, this is a really solid little app that’s a lot of fun to play around with. It has me using the camera on my phone far more than I have before, and it’s also causing me to find interesting subjects for photographs. Best part about it – it’s free. Check it out, it’s worth a look. And follow me while you’re at it! My username is the same as this one.

Here are some of my photographs that I’ve taken. Enjoy!



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