This Is My Regular Tuesday Post

After last week’s elections I was thinking I would write down some of my own thoughts about the elections. I didn’t at the time because I was too busy, had other things to write about, and generally couldn’t focus on anything but the Refresh button on my browser to discover the Bar Results. Now I’m not really sure I want to write anything because it would probably just be adding to the noise. I guess my only addition is that it’s neither the historic repudiation of President Obama and his policies that the Republicans would have you believe nor the single-minded vote of angry and terrified people reacting to economic downturn that the Democrats say it is. I do tend to think that people vote with the economy in mind, but to say it was a single-minded vote of angry and/or terrified people is a bit too much spin on it. It’s a little of both. And that’s all I’m going to say.

I’m finding it hard to come up with things to talk about on a daily basis. There have been things here and there that I’ve spotted as potential points for elaboration on this site, but each time it’s either been while I’m in the middle of doing something else and haven’t been able to sit and write a good post or I’ve flat-out forgotten the idea that I had (which begs the question of whether it was worth writing about in the first place). I’ll work on trying to keep track of those thoughts so that I can develop them further for your reading enjoyment. All four of you.

PS: I wrote this post special today. This isn’t my regular Tuesday post. I don’t have a regular Tuesday post. I wrote it for you.



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