Friday “Funny”: Prediction

Over on’s colleges blog, columnist Richard Durrett’s predictions post had this to say about Baylor’s upcoming game against Texas Tech:

Baylor vs. Texas Tech (11 a.m., Cotton Bowl, Saturday): This should be a great matchup in the Dallas area. Texas Tech is coming off a bad loss at Iowa State and should be highly motivated to get back on track. Baylor seems poised to get to a bowl game and a win over the Red Raiders would certainly give them some momentum toward that goal. Robert Griffin III had a breakout game last weekend and is ready for more. I’ll take the Bears.
Prediction: Baylor 28, Texas Tech 24.

Whoa… Whoa. Whoa.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a lifelong Baylor fan, and I’ve learned that getting your hopes up regarding Baylor sports leads to inevitable disappointment. Perhaps it’s just because this is something I hardly ever see. I don’t know, but I can’t help but feel like someone’s playing a cruel joke on me, trying to ruin a good start to a Friday.

Not funny, Richard!



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