Facebook Suggestions Know What I Want!

I emerge briefly from the fog to share an oddity with you. Yes, the bar exam is nearly upon me (but first, my last set of finals), but it’s something that I’ve found humorous for quite some time and couldn’t sit on it any longer.

Say what you want about Facebook and it’s Big Brother-like ways. Back before the brouhaha regarding Facebook’s privacy settings, I did say something, and it turns out I was right. Facebook IS stalking me. Since then, one of the standard “features” on the Facebook home page has been the “predictive” advertising that takes your likes and makes suggestions based on your preferences. Most of the time, though, the results are simply silly, redundant, or downright nonsensical. I present for your enjoyment the latest in Facebook predictive advertising.

The Tangentially Related.
Perhaps the most common “like” of mine that generated predictive advertising was “Reading.” Some made sense or were at least rationally related to the topic. But country music? Sure, people who read also like country music. But I’m sure some readers also like death metal. Why hasn’t that shown up in my suggestions, eh Facebook?

The Redundant Suggestion.
A friend posted one of these on his Facebook wall recently, and I’ve been seeing them too. Many who like Baylor University also like… Baylor University. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out! What will Baylor think if it finds out I like Baylor, but not Baylor? The horror! This is also true of The Lord of the Rings. That’s the one my friend posted. Though in that scenario, maybe people are liking the saga The Lord of the Rings versus the Lord of the Rings himself, Sauron. Who knows?

The Nonsensical.
This might also be tangentially related, but it’s just so weird to me. Fans of the storied football franchise Liverpool FC also like Texas Hold ‘Em Poker! I’m wondering if Facebook is actually a Manchester United fan, and this is some sort of underground commentary on the fact that many of Liverpool’s recent acquisitions have been gambles. Or perhaps it’s saying that Liverpool fans should take to playing poker instead of betting on their team. I’m not sure. I’m going with the “Facebook is a Massive Soccer Conspiracy” theory.

And Then There Was This.
Like the works of Shakespeare? Enjoy kicking back with a Jane Austen classic? Are you into Stephen King or Michael Chrichton? Then you’ll LOVE the work of Banksy! That’s right, readers everywhere are also graffiti aficionados. There’s an undiscovered world of literature that awaits you, and it’s underneath the nearest bridge or on the back wall of those dilapidated downtown buildings. Check it out today, you’ll totally love it! I suppose that when they say that many who like “reading” like this, they mean reading in a lowest-common-denominator sense of the word. As in, “I like to read words, therefore I like to read graffiti.” But if that’s true, then isn’t reading graffiti just… reading?

Back to the fog. Hopefully I’ll emerge more often once the dreaded exam is complete.



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