Friday Funny: The Return

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Friday Funny. Too long.

Those zany folks at the Cheezburger Network are relentless, what with their Failblogging and Failbooking; they’re always coming up with new sites to showcase inane funny stuff. My latest favorite is the site Hacked IRL, a site featuring sarcastic graffiti. Today’s addition to the Friday Funny logs comes from the site.

If you watch House, M.D. at all, you know that it used to be that at least once an episode, someone would toss out the suggestion that the disease they were searching for was lupus. If I recall correctly, it was almost always Dr. Foreman, and he was always wrong. Maybe once it wasn’t actually lupus. I can’t remember.

The more I look at this image, though, the more it appears Photoshopped and not actual graffiti. Oh well, still funny. That just means I have to bring you another image from the site, though. Oh boy! Hope your Friday is as funny as mine is.



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