Quick Thoughts on The Last Lecture

Yesterday Prof. Osler gave his Last Lecture (unofficial, since he’s teaching the summer quarter) in Room 127 at the law school. It was open to the public; many non-law folks came (including my good friends Keith and Brooke) and I think they caught a glimpse of Prof. Osler’s magic.

Some other thoughts:

  • “Slow Jamming The Rule Against Perpetuities” – Quite possibly the best lecture title of all time. I will refrain from making any legal-acronym-to-musical-style jokes.
  • Nick Chu’s introduction was right on point. He acknowledged Prof. Osler’s achievements but then focused on the fact that Osler challenges us to do the same thing.
  • How incredibly fitting that these seven “constitution moments” weren’t the amazing achievements; instead they were humbling, moving, and inspiring.
  • My only disappointment: No panda suit.
  • My only real disappointment was the inability to give him a standing ovation at the end, since he left during an excellent rendition of “Lean on Me.”

I really was disappointed that I we didn’t get to give him a standing ovation. It would have happened, and I’m almost certain it would have lasted for several minutes. It occurred to me, though, that he probably figured this, didn’t want it, and that’s why he left the way he did. As I realized this, my disappointment turned into resigned satisfaction.

For the man who taught me more about living a life of humility than any preacher, it was a fitting exit.



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