Origins of a Name

People ask me all the time why this blog is called “Magnificent Vista.” Ok, they really don’t. In fact, I’m not sure anyone’s ever asked me that. I’m sure that most people don’t really even think about it, given the fact that the background to the title banner is a pretty magnificent vista. The truth is, the name comes from an episode of my all-time favorite television show, The West Wing. I’m not exactly sure why, but it struck me as a good name for a blog. There’s something that I can’t articulate in the scene that hits home with me. I can’t describe it. I’ll let the scene speak for itself.

Sam: I got this from the U.S. Coast Guard, I got this from the National Weather Service. They use satellites. They use… technology.
Toby: This is the same satellite technology that we use to detect intercontinental ballistic missiles, right?
Sam: Yeah.
Toby: …Alright then.


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