Foosball Frenzy! 2009

Last night The Razor and Prof. K had their annual foosball smackdown to benefit Mission Waco. Great fun was had by participators and spectators alike. Since a first grader beat me at foosball over the Summer, I decided to sit this one out and enjoy the view from the sidelines. There were some epic matches and a whole lot of not-so-epic matches. In the end, the Profs. whupped their students, amassing an impressive 22-2 record over the course of the evening. If you haven’t had the chance to see Prof. K do his thing, you’re missing out on a thing of beauty. Apparently he has his own foosball kit that he brings to bring the table up to his standards, and when he works it, it’s a thing of beauty. Check out this clip I managed to capture:

As previously mentioned, the dynamic duo only lost twice. Students tried a variety of tactics to defeat the Profs., including hurling insults at them, like “100:1 is a reasonable and logical sentencing ratio!” and “Easterbrook’s UCC analysis is flawless!” But their insults fell on deaf ears as the profs. cut through swaths of challengers like butter. Only legitimate foosing skill could defeat them. That, and a little bit of luck. Like this shot, which was the game winner in their first loss.

Good times!



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