(Mis)Adventures in RSS Feeds

The RSS bookmark is one of the more useful browsing tools invented in recent memory. For those that don’t know, RSS feeds allow you to subscribe to oft-updated online sources such as blogs, newspapers, etc. You can use readers, such as Google Reader to aggregate a bunch of blogs and organize them any way you choose; then you go to the reader and see one big list from your blogs, starting with the most recent post. Some web browsers take it a step farther and allow RSS bookmarks. Take one of those aggregated feeds, turn it into a bookmark, and you have a drop-down “blogroll” of all the latest posts on your favorite blogs. So, when I click the bookmark, I will then scroll down to the last unread post (posted in reverse chronological order) and enjoy some blogging goodness.

Last night my RSS bookmark produced a fairly humorous result. When I clicked on it, I noticed the following two posts stacked next to each other:

Remember, they’re in reverse chronological order, so I saw the “Favorite Song” post first, followed by “Macarena.” Thanks for the suggestion, Blogroll, but I’m not sure that Macarena counts as a “song.”



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