Introducing FarmLife Patch Sorority Wars!

If you’re on Facebook, chances are you’ve gotten an invitation to one of the game applications that have proliferated over the past several months. If you haven’t, you will. They are coming for you, and they are legion. Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you accept the request that you’ll be free of the annoying invitations, either. Once you add an application, the “invitations” morph into “gifts” that you can use inside the games. Every single Facebook friend that plays the game can send you these little “gifts,” and trust me, they will. Build a farm! Send your friends trees and flowers! Build a mafia, send your friends loot! Build a sorority, send your friends, uh, diseases? It’s incredibly annoying. But the fact is, these games aren’t going away. Zynga, one of the big boys in the social media gaming space, has an estimated $200 million in revenue this year, and EA purchased PlayFish for somewhere between $275 and $400 million. Never doubt the ability of an annoyance to make ungodly sums of money.

These companies would make things much easier for everyone if they would just combine all of these games into one giant mega-game that combines all of the different concepts. It could be awesome. You are a lowly farmer, given a small patch with which to grow your sorority. You must cultivate and grow your sorority sisters with tender care and affection, up until the point that they are ready for harvest. Once the sisters are primed, you can expand your patch and purchase different buildings with which you train your sorority sisters for war. Amass your sorority army, then invade other players’ patches, plunder their weapons and gold, and capture their untrained sisters for your own nefarious purposes. Connect with your friends and build alliances so that you can work together to create the ultimate sorority utopia! As your friend network grows, you gain access to new weapons, advanced sorority sister seeds that you can plant and grow, and even have your friends help with the planting and harvesting of your sisters! Wouldn’t it be great?

At least this way the rest of us would only have one set of invitations and “gift requests” to deal with.


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  1. 1 nathan December 10, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    At least your game has some absurdist humor elements to it. If you build it (in order to capture those hundred millions), I’ll be a beta tester for you.

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