New Blog Alert!

The good people over at clark alerted me to a little gem over on Above The Law regarding some joke motions that are absolutely hilarious. You should absolutely go read this post. I won’t reproduce the whole article or the motions but leave it to you to go check them out (and you REALLY should), but here’s my favorite snippet:

However, given that the Prosecutor in question also (a) has a Ukranian law degree, (b), has no clue what he’s doing, and (c) sometimes forgets his pants, an English accent is the only advantage the State has when he’s trying a case.

Now go read it. Some of the comments complain about the lack of professionalism, but I think it accurately reflects the generally positive relationships maintained between prosecutors and defense attorneys.

As for the new blog, the response to the joke motion was written by the author of the blog D.A. Confidential. The blog purports to be the work of an Austin Assistant District Attorney and consists of general information about the work of a D.A., information on the types of cases that the author is trying, and a weekly post on interesting literature. He keeps things general enough so that he won’t get in trouble for talking about the specific facts of cases that aren’t already public or the people that are being tried. Though I haven’t spent a lot of time reading through the archives, it looks to be a very promising blog! Go check it out.



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