‘Tis the Season… For Punching Jewelers

The stretch between Thanksgiving Week and New Years Day is my favorite time of the year. It’s festive, there’s a whole different set of music to listen to, people decorate the outside of their homes in festive and sometimes breathtaking ways, and you get to eat lots of really fantastic food.

There are a few drawbacks to the holiday season, though. People out and about in public are grumpier, going shopping means braving the crazed masses, and those awful lawn-balloon decorations. Ms. Jessica over at Female Parts reminded me of yet another. The holiday season overlaps with another season that I refer to as “Jewelry commercial season,” which stretches from a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving all the way to Valentine’s Day. This is when all of the jewelry commercials come out in full force after eight months of hibernation.

These are some of the worst commercials on the face of the planet. They try to be sentimental and touching, but instead they come off as contrived, trite, and ridiculous (see the “PS” in the link posted above). You come to Christmas Day and you think you’re free… But noooooo, you’ve still got another month and a half of unbearable pseudo-sentimentality! Their holiday season culminates in February. I see these ads and the last thing in my mind is rushing out to purchase some jewelry for my wife. Instead, all I want to do is give “Kay” a Glasgow kiss, drop kick anyone who “went to Jared,” and sweep the leg on Vanessa Carlton. Happy friggin’ Holidays.

2 Responses to “‘Tis the Season… For Punching Jewelers”

  1. 1 alyson November 23, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    Exactly!! I hate that if I forget to fast forward through commercials, those horrible jingles will be playing in my head for hours (because you hear them so many times in one commercial break)!

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