Liverpool Lamentations

This past Saturday, a fluke goal may have cost the Reds their hopes of a nineteenth English Premier League title. I realize that it’s still early and stranger things have happened, but the Reds’ fourth loss of the young campaign leaves them eighth in the Premier League table. Last year they lost two matches over the entire Premier League season and still only finished in second on account of the many draws that they suffered. This week they lost to Sunderland, 1-0, on a fluke goal that probably should have been disallowed. Sunderland’s Darren Bent took a strike at the Liverpool goal, not even five minutes into the contest on Saturday. The ball struck a beach ball that was sitting on the pitch in front of the goal, deflecting it past Liverpool defender Glen Johnson and keeper Pepe Reina and into the back of the net. In many respects, it typifies how the early part of the season has gone for Liverpool. Strange goal, lackluster performance following the goal, and a disappointing finish. Granted, the Reds were without their top two players in Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres, but they had plenty of chances on goal.

Then we learned that the Premier League will not seek a replay of the match, something that has happened before when a refereee made a game-altering error. But for their part, the Reds chose not to press the matter. I think that’s a decent thing to do. Take your lumps, move forward, work on getting better.

As frustrating as the game was to watch and as disappointing as the result was, there was one humorous consequence to this loss. All of the major sports news outlets took time to cover this, many of whom did so in ironic style. Check out some of the headlines below.

Liverpool Deflated by Bizarre ‘Beachball’ Goal
Stray Beach Ball Punctures Liverpool’s Title Challenge
Life’s A Beach for Jubilant Bruce & Sunderland
No Excuses from Deflated Benitez
Reds Beached?
Darren Bent’s “beach ball goal” leaves Rafa Benitez all at Sea


4 Responses to “Liverpool Lamentations”

  1. 1 bobbygee October 19, 2009 at 8:46 am

    It may have been a fluke goal but Liverpool is not prepared to play. This is Rafa’s problem. Great to good players but lack of prep and proper training has killed the Reds this year. Maybe they were too busy reading their press clippings instead of training. Chelsea is the same too.

  2. 2 pbpope October 20, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    Agreed on it being Rafa’s problem. That and the freaking Yank owners not giving him money to replace the likes of Crouch and Keane. They weren’t the greatest of all time or anything, but you simply can’t leave it to Torres and Gerrard to score all your goals. Don’t get me wrong, I love both Yossi and Kuyt, but they’re the guys you need to be relying on for the bulk of your scoring.

  3. 3 Micah October 23, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    Soccer (or football)? Really? I thought that this was going to be about the Beatles selling out to “The Man”, but noooo, I have to go somewhere else to get my conspiracy theories…

  4. 4 pbpope October 23, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    Selling out to The Man, as in allowing their music to be pimped through a video game? I would be talking about that, if I didn’t want to play the game myself. I hear good things.

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