Immunity Day: Will They Kill It?

immunityThere’s been a buzz about the BLS blogosphere today regarding the fate of Immunity Day. For those that are in the dark, Immunity Day is like a “get out of jail free” card, except that there’s no jail and instead of being free, students get to contribute to a local charity. Participation is all voluntary, both from the students’ and professors’ perspectives. Students can get immunity in classes only if their professors participate, and only if they pay the amount set by their professor. But apparently there’s something amiss, and the BLS faculty is set to vote on whether to continue participating. I’m not entirely sure why, but apparently the fundraiser has fallen out of favor.

There are a couple of other blogs that have excellent writeups on the subject which fairly encompass my own. I’ll link them, but I do want to say that it seems like the people hurt most by a decision to eliminate the event are those the event is meant to help—the charities.

Here are the blogs:
The Davis Firm’s Take
Jessica’s Thoughts
Will King’s Excellent Writeup (and totally not bitter)



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