Running It Up

BU-NWSULast night I saw something that I had seen before only in Adam Sandler’s The Waterboy. With the Bears up 68-13 with a little less than 8:00 remaining and the ball on the Demon’s 6-yardline, the Bears took a knee four times in a row to give the ball back to Northwestern State. Many in the crowd began to boo, and many of those that didn’t headed for the exits. It was clear that this game was over. After the game, Coach Briles talked about his reasoning for kneeling, saying, “I’ve been on the other sideline and I know how it feels.” He saw no point in running up the score further and causing the other team any more humiliation.

This got me thinking, though. Which is more humiliating to a team being blown out: to have the score run up against you or for the other team to kneel on each of its offensive snaps midway through the 4th Quarter? The former says, “We are totally destroying you. We will continue to destroy you.” The latter says, “We don’t even have to play you. We’ve already destroyed you.” Ultimately, I think that it’s probably the run-up that is more humiliating, but I think that kneeling may be a bit more insulting. Whatever the effect, though, I know that wasn’t Coach Briles’ motivation. That man is a class act. Thoughts?

Incidentally, that was the highest number of points scored for the Bears since 1929.



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