The Interwebs are Stalking Me!

scary_computerLast night I logged into Netflix over Xbox Live to see what they had to offer. I ended up settling on the first episode of the TV show Dexter because I wasn’t really wanting to watch something long, and I’ve been curious about the show for some time now. It was pretty good, intriguing, no big deal.

Then, this morning, I log into Facebook while doing my web routine and one of the ads is something about the show Dexter. Now, I’m 100% certain that I’ve never seen that ad before or any Dexter-related ad. I have neither my Xbox Live account nor Netflix tied to Facebook in any way that I am aware of. So how does Facebook know that I watched Dexter last night? Is it a crazy random happenstance? Or is it something more… sinister?


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  1. 1 Monica September 4, 2009 at 7:15 am


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