Dr. Jackstraw, the Abnormal Drug Trafficker

It’s Finals time. Study breaks are a precious commodity, and I think all of the studying starts messing with your brain after a bit. While I was perusing Engrishfunny during one of my breaks, I came across this image.

engrish, movie, batman, toyIn case you can’t read it, here’s the full text:

When being a child Bruce Wayne had witnessed with his own eyes the fact his parents of millionaire were killed cruelly. So affected his strong desire of Revenging his parents. However, God had never given him a chance to fulfill his will. Following the advice of Raws Al-Ghul – the chief of Ninja Group, Bruce come to Gete, which was a corrupted city filled with various crime groups. Bruce found a basement under his villa that turned him into another person: Spiderman. With this mask Spiderman stroke all criminal activates and criminals everywhere. Such as Tougon, the chief of mafia, Dr. Jackstraw, the abnormal drug trafficker, even a mysterious opponent quite familiar with him——–

I love that the title is Batman Begins, and they (sort of) tell Batman’s story, yet once he finds the basement under his villa, he changes into another person, Spiderman. Spiderman? And Spidey fights crime in the city of Gete? All of that was funny, the villains were what put it over the top for me. Especially Dr. Jackstraw, the abnormal drug trafficker. I can only assume that’s the translation error for “Scarecrow,” but Dr. Jackstraw? Really? Hopefully I’m not the only one that finds this hilarious… Otherwise finals are already getting to me, and I haven’t taken my first yet.


3 Responses to “Dr. Jackstraw, the Abnormal Drug Trafficker”

  1. 1 jeff July 12, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    This is excerent. I rove it.

  2. 2 PLAfulKatt September 6, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    I just saw this on a Facebook post and thought Dr Jackstraw… I mean really am I missing something here? I was in the dark about Catman… Haha this is just chalk full of awesome

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