To Crush Your Enemies

As previously discussed here, Prof. K (or “The Commodore,” if you believe OHB) extensively discussed with us the concept of “Crushing the Competition” in the first quarter of law school. It first became a source of humor, then a mantra, then an overused phrase, synonymous with “studying.” Today I have discovered new meaning for the phrase. The true meaning.

Those that frequent the Student Lounge at BLS, and specifically, the ping pong table, are aware that recently my roommate, The Blizzard King, has introduced the “Possibly Weekly Very Arbitrary Ping Pong Power Rankings.” The rankings have taken the ping pong playing population by storm, creating debate and controversy about who should be ranked where. Pressure has increased whenever anyone else is around; players fear that word of a mistake may make it back to the ears of The Blizzard King. One top player recently relayed the story of a match with another top player in which no one was around. He noted that it was the best game he had played in such a long time, because no one was there to watch the match and scrutinize his play. The rankings have inspired a new level of competitiveness, with aspiring players pushing that much harder to make the Power Rankings. Today, I saw the true depth to which The King holds sway over the BLS ping-ponging universe. As he walked up with his lunch, one of the players (and a good one to boot) saw him out of the corner of his eye and fanned completely on a routine hit. The Blizzard King, by the simple act of walking into the room, increases the pressure and intensity of ping pong. He has made himself top dog of the ping pong world without ever even picking up a paddle.

That, my friends, is crushing the competition.


2 Responses to “To Crush Your Enemies”

  1. 1 Justin T. July 3, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    One thing I’ve noticed the heavy ping pong players crushing is other quarters’ opinion of our quarter. Word on the street is that those constant pingpongers are drawing a lot of ire from other quarters who perceive ours as comprised of a bunch of slackers (I’m sure the previous incident of one of our quarter’s students didn’t do much to help this perception). Whether it’s earned or completely arbitrary, I have heard from more than a few people the airs of dissatisfaction with the pingponging floating amidst the other quarters. They’re probably just jealous that they’re not on the power rankings list though.

  2. 2 pbpope July 4, 2008 at 10:25 am

    I don’t know that upper quarters have had a great opinion of “us” from the beginning. I’ve recently taken to the ping pong table, and have found it actually to be the perfect study break while at school. Games (for me, anyway) are pretty quick, provide the physical and mental break I need from sitting at a desk or study carrel. Besides, it’s not limited to just our quarter.

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