So Much Time, So Little to Do!

Hold on a second… Strike that, reverse it.

We’ve hit that portion of the quarter where the work picks up significantly. Memo writing for LARC. Continued case reading for class (or increased, depending on the class). Outlining and review becomes increasingly important on a daily basis. Stress levels start rising. We are officially less than a month away from our first final exam of the Second quarter. It’s all on now.

But I still find myself compelled to watch the U.S. Open playoff (Tiger just won), and still drawn to UEFA Euro 2008 coverage as well, especially after yesterday’s thrilling finale in the Czech Republic vs. Turkey match. Thankfully, they’re moving out of the group rounds after Wednesday, which will mean that the tournament gets more intense, but there are fewer games to keep tabs on.

The rumor has been circulating for a few days that Prof. Torts will finish grading exams today. Today the rumor also began circulating that Prof. CivPro will also complete our grading. Now, does that mean that grading is completed today, or that we should expect to get our grades back today? What’s more, are there any truth to the rumors? Prof. K substantiated them today, saying that we were “24-48 hours” away from getting our grades. That would seem to give credence to the thought that while the grading may be finished today, we won’t get them until tomorrow or Wednesday. There’s nothing to do but wait and focus on the next assignment.

Last post’s quote title was from the quintessential ’80’s flick Better Off Dead, starring John Cusak. If you haven’t seen it (that means you, entire Second Quarter), rent it and watch it. It’s hilarious.



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