We’re Walking … We’re Walking, and We’re Stopping.

My name is John Johnson, but everyone here calls me \'Vicky.\'After Contracts today I gave a tour as part of the Open House for Fall and Spring starters at BLS. It was my first tour to give, and the first event that I participated in as a Baylor Law Student Ambassador. It was pretty fun, but the folks seemed mostly in a food coma from lunch, or suffering from complete information overload (the tours are the last stop of a day packed full of information, and is scheduled right after lunch). I got a few questions, but most of the time it was me walking around, racking my brain for things that I’ve been told about various spots. Of course I hit the “majors,” but it’d be nice to have further anecdotes beyond the standard fare and Jaworski’s office. If I remember my tours correctly, I think the Ambassador had more little anecdotes to tell about the school, but I might be incorrect on that. When I took my tour, it was right after lunch and I was on information overload.

I’ll keep my eye out for those little tidbits of information to share with them. Something along the lines of the “wailer” guy in The Paper Chase. Feel free to share anything that you know of!


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