Hockey Day Part III: Santa Suits Triumphant!

The Red ArmyCongratulations to the Detroit Red Wings, AKA’ed as the Santa Suits, and all their fans that I’ve become acquainted with over the past few weeks. Other than the powerplay goal late in the 3d period to make the last ninety seconds interesting, they put on a clinic. Indeed, this series was a puck control and defensive clinic for the youngsters on the Pittsburgh side. If anyone doesn’t believe that defense wins championships, look no further than this series. It was clear that the Wings were the men and the Pens the boys of this series.

I may harbor no love for the Wings, but I gotta say that I respect them. That was a fine example of dominant play. Congrats to the 2007-2008 Stanley Cup Champions!

(note: This is not my intended 3d post of the Hockey Day extravaganza… Due to the game and some homework, I didn’t finish it off like I expected to. I’ll post it up tomorrow morning.)



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