Get Used to Disappointment.

“No one of consequence.”I suppose before you can get used to it, you have to be entitled to even feel it. Or so Prof. K would have us believe. Today we found out that we get our grades for our Contracts Final Exam back tomorrow. Tomorrow is the REAL Judgment Day.

Prof. K reminded us of the things he told us that we had to do to succeed in law school. Of the items that he reminded us of:

(1) Read all cases.
(2) Brief all cases.
(3) Take notes in class.
(4) Review your briefs.
(5) Review your notes.
(6) Create your own outline.
(7) Review your outline.

After reviewing this list, he told us that to even be entitled to feel disappointment about our grades, we had to have done all of those things. If we didn’t do all of those things, then we weren’t entitled to feel disappointment in what we got on the exam.

I suppose there’s a lesson on gratefulness in there somewhere. Buck up, kiddo! At least you get to FEEL disappointed! Those other bums aren’t even allowed to!

I realize that’s not the point he was making, not really. He was saying that if you did all of those things, while you’re entitled to feel disappointment, you’re not going to be at the bottom of the pile, because you prepared throughout the entire quarter, and should have been well-situated to perform on the exam.

Now, being well-situated and actually performing are two different things entirely. Tomorrow we find out just how big of a difference it makes. I suppose I’ll be able to sleep well tonight, knowing that at the very least, I am entitled to disappointment, should I feel it tomorrow.



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