My Dog Ate My Homework!

Um...  ProfProperty?  I don\'t have my brief today because...  well, my dog ate my book.Ok, maybe not my homework, but my Property book. Take a look at this photo. My dog, Bailey (who really is a sweet little guy for the most part), seems to have an affinity for high-dollar textbooks. This past weekend, I discovered him under our recliner, going to town on one of my LARC books. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad, just some scratch marks on the outside cover. As a precaution, I made sure all the rest of my books were tucked safely away in my backpack so he couldn’t get at any my casebooks.
Little did I know that apparently Mr. Bailey can open backpacks. The next morning while getting ready for church, I walk into the living room and find him with his head stuck into my backpack, chowing down on the corner of my Property casebook! I was livid. Thankfully it seemed, there wasn’t much damage to the actual pages, just to the cover. But it had me muttering to myself about all sorts of Tort actions that I was barred from using because of contributory negligence on my part, pet immunity, and the like.

The damage was a bit more severe than I thought. Today, while in Property, I pulled out my case brief and casebook while discussing one of the cases. While the 1Q recited the facts, I listened attentively. I did a double-take when she gave the holding, because it was exactly opposite of what I had in my brief. Apparently two of the pages had stuck together at that corner, and I had turned past a full page of reasoning and had copied the Dissent down as the majority view. Genius, Pope. Really nice.

You’d think I would have caught that, right? Well, the page break was at the end of a thought, so while a little curious, it wasn’t enough to cause suspicion. I didn’t notice the page numbers, because I don’t typically pay attention to page numbers while in the middle of the case. Then there was the final statement of the case, which was a bit odd, I thought… “In my opinion the judgment of the courts below was correct and I would affirm.” Not the strongest language for a holding, but it was towards the end of my study period and I was tired. Put all of them together and you think I’d figure it out. Hindsight is 20/20, I guess.

I guess I’ll get a new book. Or just pay closer attention to the stupid page numbers.

[5/21/2008] UPDATE: In an unsurprising twist of fate, I got called on in Property today. Thankfully the cases were all from our Supplement. The downside was that I had a hard time understanding the first case, so I got kinda nervous. About halfway through it clicked, though, and I felt better. Hopefully next round will be a bit better.



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