Crushing the Competition

Of all the entertaining things said by our professors this quarter, one piece of advice has taken on somewhat legendary status among the 1Qs this spring. Professor K has mentioned on several occasions his practices while in law school. He told us that he was always quick to point out to his fellow students how late he stayed up studying and how early he got up, just so that they would know that it was he that was “crushing the competition.” Then, before Spring Break, he drew a distinction for us. There would be those that planned trips and fun activities during Spring Break, and there were those that would be studying 8-10 hours a day, getting a week ahead in every class, and fully outlining each topic. The second group would be well on their way to “crushing the competition.”

Of course, everyone adopted this as their mantra; some students even began to refer to studying as “crushing the competition,” or simply “crushing.” I too did this for a bit, until I realized that the phrase was in danger of overuse and losing its meaning altogether. We won’t find out who is really crushing the competition until two weeks from now (more, actually, depending on how quickly our professors grade our exams). In the meantime, though, The Gentleman referred me to a video that perfectly describes Professor K’s idea of “crushing the competition,” right down to hearing “the lamentation of the women.”

Now if we could just show him what YouTube was, perhaps he would see and appreciate the greatness.


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  1. 1 ALV April 23, 2008 at 1:10 am

    Professor K is a crazy person and should have his exams back to y’all in just a couple of weeks… but don’t be expecting Civ Pro for a couple of months. I don’t know if this is true or not, but the word on the street is that he totally ignores his big box of exams until the deadline and then finally gets started on them :p

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